Michelle Plummer

Research Assistant, 2002-2003

MS ('06) in Laboratory Science, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

William Roden ('06)

Undergraduate Student, Depts of Biology and Psychology (Honors)
Currently a scientist at the Science Adventure Lab
Elizabeth R. Procknow ('07)
Undergraduate Student, Biology
Research Patient Coordinator in the Department of Internal Medicine
Medical Oncology at Washington University School of Medicine, 2011
PA Saint Louis University ('13)
Currently a hospitalist at Medical College of Wisconsin
Kayla M. Celestine ('09)

Undergraduate Student, Biology

Currently a nursing student in the School of Nursing
at Saint Louis University

Christopher D Wedell ('08)

Undergraduate Student, Philosophy

MD Saint Louis University School of Medicine ('12)

Matthew A. Rysavy ('06)

Research Assistant, Dept Biomedical Engineering, 2008-2009

Currently a MD/PhD student at Carver College of Medicine,
University of Iowa

Carrie Pike ('09)

Undergraduate Student, Department of Biology
Graduated ('14) MPH in Epidemiology Boston University
Currently a Research Coordinator at Boston Children's Hospital

Lauren French ('10)

Undergraduate Student, Depts of Nutrition and Dietetics, and Biology
Graduated ('14) SLU School of Medicine
Currently a resident in Internal Medicine at Saint Louis University

Dan Watson ('10)

Undergraduate Student, Department of Biology (Honors), Saint Louis University
Graduated ('14) Loyola School of Medicine
Currently an intern in Chicago

Sara Rendell ('12)

Undergraduate Student, Department of Biology (Honors), Saint Louis University
Fulbright Scholar (Burkina Faso)
Currently a medical student at University of Pennsylvania

Brooke Miller ('13) 

Undergraduate Student, Department of Chemistry, Saint Louis University
Gates Foundation Scholar, McNair Fellow
Currently a PREP student at The University of Chicago


Jake Lee ('15)

Undergraduate Student, Department of Nutrition, Saint Louis University


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