Submitted by Lauren French (download pdf)


100 mg/ml poly-lysine = 5 mg Poly-L-Lysine (Sigma P1399) in 50 ml Milli-Q water. Filter sterilize with 0.2 mm filter into a sterile tube. Store in aliquots at -20 C. Thawed solutions can be used for several weeks.


  • Add ~1 ml 100 mg/ml poly-lysine per dish and let stand or rock gently for 1 hour
  • Aspirate poly-lysine and wash each plate 3 times with 2 ml sterile (sterile filtered Milli-Q) water.
  • Allow the open plates air dry in the hood for about two hours or air dry in the hood for a few minutes and then dry covered overnight.
  • Store dried plates at 4 C.

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