Submitted by Lauren French (download pdf)

In a sterile hood...

  • Place 70% ethanol in 2 - 60mm petri dishes
  • With forceps (in hood) separate 6 round glass coverslips (located in drawer next to hood) and place one-by-one into first 60mm dish with ethanol
  • Wait ≥1 hour
  • Take out a 150mm petri dish, open with out touching inside edges
  • Remove one-by-one the coverslips from the first 60mm dish and dip into second 60mm dish, let edge of coverslip drip onto inverted sterile top of one of the 60mm dishes, place carefully up against the inside sterile rim of 150mm dish to air dry.
  • Allow coverslips to completely dry
  • Transfer each coverslip to a sterile 35mm tissue culture dish
  • Place all 35mm dishes into 150mm dish
  • Keeping inside of 150mm dish sterile, transfer each lid to 35mm plates face down to lid of 150mm dish
  • Pipette Art Tischler Collagen (from 50ml tube in tissue culture refrigerator) onto each dish, covering  each coverslip and dish, suck collagen back up
  • Repeat for each dish until all are wet but not leaving too much in dish, ensure round coverslip center was well-wet for cells to stick
  • When dry replace lids to 35mm dishes and replace 150mm dish lid
  • Wrap 150mm dish with parafilm to seal
  • Label with collagen-coating, date, initials
  • For short-term storage leave at room temperature in the back of the hood -For long-term storage place in refrigerator


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